Month: June 2010

Photos from Sheffield “Chance to Dance 2010”

As anyone who knows me well will confirm, I am not exactly the world’s greatest dancer.  Despite this I love watching people dancing and if I’m in the right mood (which happens rarely these days) I will enjoy dancing despite my complete inability to do it properly.

Today was the 10th Chance to Dance event in Sheffield.  The atmosphere in the city centre was amazing with music, dancing and smiling people.  If this what we will get regularly if Sheffield wins the City of Culture 2013 bid, then I want us to win it even more than I already did, (apologies to anyone I know from Norwich, Birmingham and Derry/Londonderry, who are also shortlisted).

This seemed like a good opportunity to take some photos and so these are my favourites.  If anyone who appears on one of these photos would like me to remove the photo or alternatively wants a copy then let me know.

More to come…