Song of the Week 5 – Edge of Darkness by Eric Clapton

A slightly random choice for my Song of the Week this week, or should I say this month as I’m not very good at writing this regularly.

The reason for this choice is that this song suddenly came to mind on my way home from work tonight.  I was listening to Radio One when a song came on that had some elements that reminded me of Edge of Darkness.  Given I was driving through the icy darkness high up on a hill on the edge of the Colne and Calder Valleys near Huddersfield  it felt like an appropriately dramatic soundtrack for my drive, and I couldn’t shake it out of my mind afterwards.

Edge of Darkness was a song I first discovered when I was a child and had one of these cassettes of TV theme tunes.  I remember Edge of Darkness came after the Howard’s Way theme (another great) and before Tomorrow’s World.  That shows how many times I listened to the cassette even though I don’t even own it anymore.  I’d never seen the TV series Edge of Darkness that was first shown on the BBC in 1985.  I was ten at the time and so probably still a bit young.  And I’ve still never seen it, but looking it up on Wikipedia I see it did have Yorkshire connections and so it seems even more appropriate that it came to mind when I was driving through the Yorkshire countryside.

It’s astonishing that a great like Eric Clapton did a TV theme tune, but he did.  I just love the drama and mystery of the tune that fits with a dark story that involves conspiracy and intrigue.  A brilliant bit of guitar playing and I know how much of an understatement that sounds.


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